About Us

 Hello, I'm Dilum, a creative director, a director of a media production company, a video and audio editor, a writer and a web master (digital media creator). Yup, I'm a bit of a mixed bag, but somehow it all works. Some time ago I also worked as a marketing professional for several reputable companies. The best thing is that I'm an entrepreneur. I have been working in various fields for about 24 years now and I have gained a lot of experience through it all. Whatever those things are, I like fields like filmmaking, music production and screenwriting the most.

There is another person joining me to do this blog. She is Himaya. She holds a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree and is well versed in audio production. A skilled professional in music with a lot of experience in the field. She is also a director of  a media production company, a music director, a violinist and a vocalist. You will hear more about her in the future.

So the purpose of this blog is to share our experience in various fields with everyone. Also reviewing about the best products and services that we use. That's why we called our website "Users' Best". 

One of the questions most of us face when starting a new business or buying something new is whether it is safe to invest on it. We hope, by sharing our experiences about some products and services will help you to make good decisions on those facts.

What we are talking about here may not be the best product or service that is most expensive. Sometime it could be so. Our goal is to talk about affordable, high quality, reliable products and services. It is difficult for everyone to use very expensive products that are used by highly skilled professionals with their industrial knowledge. Although some products are purchased, not everyone has the professional knowledge to operate them. So here we are talking about high quality products and services that can be easily purchased and used even by a beginner.

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