Is Namecheap a good domain name registrar?


As a webmaster, there are several things I consider when buying a domain name. I usually do not buy the domain name from the company we hope to host the website we create. When we go to buy a hosting package, most of the time, the relevant web hosting company has given us the opportunity to get the domain name from them for free. But as always, I get the domain name from a separate domain name registrar. There are several reasons for this. If you are a web developer, you know about it too.

It actually makes it easier to buy our domain name from another registrar. Suppose we may decide to leave the hosting company and migrate our websites to another webserver because of a problem with that server or the need to upgrade to a better-advanced web server. If we get the domain name from the hosting company, it will be a bit of a hassle. Although the domain name can be transferred, I do not want to depend on such things. Even if it costs a bit extra, it's still a good idea to buy a domain name from another good domain name registrar separately.

I have another bad experience that happened to a friend of mine a long time ago. At the time, he had bought both hosting and domain from a low-security web hosting provider. Later his hosting account was hacked. The hackers also had completely taken over the domain name as they wanted. At once, my friend lost both the domain and hosting. Finally, he had to work hard to get his domain name back by proving that he was the real owner. So why get into a lot of extra trouble. Now the security level of most servers is high. But in my opinion, the best way to do your job freely is to buy a domain and hosting from two separate companies. 

Today, most business owners would like to purchase their own domain name and submit it to a web development company for website design. That's a good way too. Even if one day the web development company breaks down for some reason, they can move on with another company because they have full authority over their domain name.

There are many other reasons why I should buy a domain name from a good domain registrar separately. This is my personal opinion. Your opinion may be different than that. However, today I am going to talk about a domain name registrar called Namecheap.

But I am only going to talk about the role of Namecheap as a domain name registrar. Before I start this, I especially want to tell you about it. They are currently working as a web hosting service provider as well. I am not going to talk about anything about the services they provide as a web host. That's because I never bought a web hosting package from them. I have no experience with their hosting service or their servers. But so far, I have registered a considerable number of domain names from them. I also recommend Namecheap for our clients to purchase domain names.

So I'm bought a domain name from many top domain name registrars from the day I first created a website about two decades ago. In the beginning, I did not have much experience with it, and there were very few ways to know about it. At that time, I worked on very few guidelines that I learned from our teachers. But later, as I got to work with many companies and professionals, I learned a lot more practical things. In the meantime, I also heard about Namecheap. As far back as I can remember, it was around 2012. At first, I was a bit confused because of the "cheap" part of their name.😄😄😄 But after I bought a domain name from their service, I was impressed and confident about them. Namecheap was one of the best and reliable domain name registrars at that time to get a domain name for the least amount of money. Since then, they have been providing exemplary service, so I continue to use Namecheap to register my domain names.

Why I choose Namecheap?

I'm not saying that the other leading domain name registrars are bad. But Namecheap was special to me when comparing prices and considering the service they provided. When searching about them, I found out that they started this business around the year 2000. Their headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

They are ICANN - accredited domain name registrar. We know that ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the world's leading corporation for controlling the top-level domains. They manage the top-level development and architecture of the Internet domain name space. They are the ones who authorize the domain name registrars. So Namecheap has achieved becoming an accredited registrar registered with ICANN. In addition to major top-level domains such as .com, .net and .org, we can also purchase domain names for many other TLDs at various prices from Namecheap.

Domain name prices at Namecheap

In fact, as their name implies, their prices are low. At current prices, you can buy a .com domain for $ 8.88/yr, a .net domain for $ 10.98/yr and a .org domain for $ 9.18/yr for the first year at a discount. There are many other domain extensions at different prices, starting from around $ 0.99 at Namecheap. But on the next renewal day, you have to buy them at the regular price. However, their prices are low and reasonable compared to other major domain name registrars.

  • .com$8.88 with a $12.98 renewal rate
  • .net $10.98 with a $14.98 renewal rate
  • .org$9.18 with a $14.98 renewal rate
  • .io – $32.98 with a $34.98 renewal rate
  • .co – $7.98 with a $25.98 renewal rate
Please note that this includes the prices at the time of posting. You can see the latest prices on the Namecheap website.

I have also purchased domain names from Porkbun and Dynadot, which offer the opportunity to buy domain names at the lowest prices. But because I find it very easy to work with Namecheap, I prefer Namecheap.

Free Products and Services 

The following services are available free of charge for every domain name we purchase.

  1. Free privacy protection for life - It keeps your data safe with domain privacy protection.
  2. Free DNSSEC security - It protects your website visitors from fraudulent activity.

Isn't it great to have Free things without extra cost?

Namecheap platform

Once we have purchased a domain name and created an account in Namecheap, it is effortless for us to log in to that account and work. Their interface is really user friendly. Since I am only talking about the domains here, I will say a few things related to it. 

After purchasing a domain name, we have to point it to the webserver. The easiest way to do this is update the nameserver values ​​(provided by the web host) in the domain registrar's platform. It is very easy to do in Namecheap. We have to select the Custom DNS at the Nameserver field, enter the name server values​​, and save.

In addition, if we want to change other things like HOST RECORDS, MAIL SETTINGS RECORDS, you can go to the Advanced DNS tab and do it. These are just a few simple examples.

So this way, we can use the Namecheap interface very easily. This task is just a straightforward thing if you know about web development.

Concluding remarks

Overall, Namecheap is one of the best companies to buy a domain name.

You might think that there are other companies that are expensive but used by highly knowledgeable professionals. Yes, it is possible. But the purpose of our blog is to review the services that can be trusted and at an affordable price even a beginner in the field can use.

Although I have no experience with Namecheap as they are a web hosting company, I can not say anything about it. But to my knowledge and experience, their service as a domain name registrar is very high. So Namecheap is a reliable place to buy a domain name for a low price.

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