Is Udemy a good platform for online education?

After my academic studies at local institutions, I realized that I still had a lot to learn. Since then, I have mainly used the internet and online courses for my studies. I am a fast learner. Also, I am eager to discover new knowledge and always want to be up to date. Since I am involved in several fields, I need to have a complete understanding of what I am doing.

After the face-to-face learning and while I was at work, I encountered many practical problems related to what I was doing. Then I realized that I need to be armed with the knowledge of many more things on a practical level. And we must be constantly updated with new knowledge. Must have unique skills. It is essential if we are to complete a project successfully. The only solution is to manage our time and learn more. 

The modern world is constantly changing. We also need to move forward with new strategies that are continually evolving. We can never stop learning from where we learned in the past. As people with outdated knowledge, we can never move forward with the modern world. So we must learn every day.

I've learned a lot over the internet over the last 20 years or so. I still remember how I found Udemy. That should be mid of 2014. While searching through Google and looking for new online courses, I saw Udemy several times and saw their advertisements often, but was not interested at once. My first interest was in the free course they advertised in those days. I just wanted to sign up for it. That was my start with Udemy. That experience and start-up were at an outstanding level, so I looked into other paid courses available at Udemy. Their marketing strategy at the time was successful. I also became a regular activist studying at Udemy.

Since then, I have completed 18 courses through Udemy. Two more courses are being studied these days. I will be able to finish both soon. Among these courses, there are 5 courses related to Filming, Cinematography, Video Editing & Color Grading, 11 courses related to Music Production and Audio Engineering, and 4 courses related to Animation and Web Development. The knowledge gained from each of these courses made my work much easier.

Is online education successful?

It depends on your interest and commitment. And you have to be self-motivated. With Udemy, we can find excellent courses. But we need a lot of self-will to learn through any online course. It cannot be done because someone says or forces it. For some, learning online may not be successful. Because each person's attitude and preference are different. But, It's a perfect method for me as I have been working online for a long time. Udemy is a good place for me because I am a knowledge seeker and used to search for information through the internet.

In addition to the above, the content of online courses should also be good. Also, the way the studies are presented should be attractive and not confusing. Otherwise, students will get bored. The content of many courses in Udemy is very well scheduled. That is something I know from experience. The videos and explanations in many courses are easy for anyone to understand. But we need to have self-will and interest to study every part of it, not just here and there. The work is in your hands.

If you are a professional or thirsty for the practical knowledge you need to become a professional, you can easily get the most out of the courses available at Udemy. An online educational platform like Udemy can be of great help to anyone who wants to put into practice what they learn and develop the best possible skills in any subject.

What can you learn from Udemy?

Actually, we have to ask, what can't we learn from Udemy? I said that because there are such a large number of courses in Udemy. It has over 130,000 online video courses, under 13 major categories and a large number of sub-categories. Among them, we can find the best highly rated ones. By looking at the contents of the courses, we can first check whether the material we are looking for is in the relevant course. There are courses in almost every field, from cooking to software engineering. There is virtually nothing that is not there. We can also find out about the teachers who teach in those courses so that we can choose the right approach.

Udemy Platform

Udemy platform is very easy to use. After selecting a course and creating an account in Udemy, you can easily learn the video course chosen by the well-designed platform. Of course, it is effortless. The videos are arranged in the order of the topics in the content of your course. Once we have finished watching, it will be marked as done, so we will have the opportunity to study every video in sequence without missing a beat. If we want, we can watch a video under a different title from anywhere we like. So it's really easy. And we can watch the courses that we bought over and over again for a lifetime. We can also study at any convenient time. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to download the study materials relevant to those courses. Some courses also include quizzes so that we can evaluate our own knowledge. The Udemy platform has made it easy for us to do all this.

Udemy Courses and Prices

Many qualified teachers teach in Udemy. So their teaching methods are different. Most of them can teach very attractive in a way that everyone can understand. Many courses at Udemy are of an excellent standard. Someone who really interested can study them and add value to the work they do.

Because those courses are rated by those who have studied them, it is easy for us to find a suitable course by looking at those ratings and reading the comments. Since they can be rated like that, the course makers try to make them at an outstanding level. As there are many courses offered by different teachers in one subject area, everyone is interested in creating courses in the best possible way with some competition. If we really want to, Udemy has plenty of high-quality courses to follow.

Most of the courses in Udemy are reasonably priced. If we go to an educational institution and do a course, we have to spend a lot of money on it. You also need to set aside time for that. But at Udemy, we can study at any time, from our own place, as we want. Hence, the cost of Udemy courses is really affordable.

Another remarkable fact is that many of the courses available at Udemy are regularly discounted. What an excellent opportunity for our pocket to get a $ 200 course at a special discount price of between $ 10 and $ 15.

There's good news. That is, Udemy also has free tutoring courses. So give it a try; you have nothing to lose.

Udemy Standards and Certificates

After almost every course in Udemy, we can get a digital certificate that we have done the relevant course. We can use it as a career prospectus. The certificate can be downloaded or shared on social networking sites for professionals such as LinkedIn.

So because these courses are self-taught, it is impossible to say how much the certificate will be appreciated by the institution where you work. But suppose you take those courses correctly and develop your professional skills. In that case, you will definitely have a special place in any business organization. Even today's top business organizations believe in your unique ability to work pragmatically rather than the knowledge you show through a certificate.

It will not be possible to submit this certificate and get an exemption for a course in another university or educational institution. But with the work you do, your abilities will be highly appreciated. Academic qualification is essential for our career journey. At the same time, it is very important to update your knowledge and develop the skills to adapt to the ever-changing world. Studying such courses is an excellent help for that.

The best example of this is that some businesses recommend courses at Udemy to further train their employees. Some institutions facilitate their employees to study them. Due to this, Udemy has come up with special corporate packages for such businesses.

We often see self-employed people working online using their various skills. So they too can use Udemy to develop their abilities and emerge with new knowledge.

If so, the knowledge gained from studying a standardized course as well as the certificate will add high value to your career journey.

Conclusion Comments

Udemy was really very useful to me for the tasks I do. It really worked for me. In many of the jobs I do, the knowledge I get from the courses at Udemy has been a great help in making my creative work a success.

So I'm highly recommended the Udemy platform for anyone who has thirsty to find new knowledge and to whom like to learn new skills.

In this Covid pandemic situation, many people have to stay at home for a long time. So it would be better to learn through Udemy or any other online educational program without wasting time.

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